What we do

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IMEU is a four-year project that will develop sustainable, inclusive markets for appropriate energy efficient (EE) products and services for households, businesses, and institutions in agriculture and the built environment, to enhance livelihoods of the people in Uganda and increase resilience and competitiveness of businesses.

What we offer

IMEU utilises a sector-development approach, aimed at developing a socially inclusive ecosystem for energy efficiency (enabling environment), combined with targeted, contextualized support to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and energy service companies (ESCOs) to strengthen the supply of Energy Efficient products and services(supply) and stimulate uptake of EE products and services.


Business development support for SMEs.

Financial support through a market development fund (MDF) for ESCOs and ESPCs.

Knowledge-based awareness raising to stimulate demand and adoption of EE technologies and best practices.

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